“Across the board, firms’ failed to deliver an
outstanding first impression to potential clients.”

“The single most impactful thing most law firms can
do is improve their intake process”

ABA Benchmark study on law firm intake process February 1, 2016

A complete solution to all your contract acquisition needs
Consumer Attorney Contract Services are experts in
legal contract acquisitions. We understand the highly
competitive legal market and the importance of getting
your clients signed. Our #1 goal is to engage your clients
and get you your signed contracts back as quick as possible.
Making a good first impression with your client is the key to
conversion. We are the perfect extension of your law firm.
Our highly skilled contract specialists immediately engage your
clients with the highest degree of respect, compassion, and
professionalism unlike anyone in the industry.

Top Three Reasons to Outsource your Contract Services to Consumer Attorney Contract Services

Signing Rates
over 80%
Instant Client
with Real-Time
Highly Trained
Legal Contract
  • Immediate and aggressive follow up
  • Real-time tracking of all your clients
  • Over 100 contract service agents
  • Lead integration from any source
  • Proven industry conversion rates
  • 24/7 Access to your online portal
  • Physical and digital signing
  • Complete transparency
  • Low shipping rates
  • Cost Effective

Setup & Training:

Setup on our proprietary system is easy and can be done in less than a
  day. You have 24/7 access to your own Dashboard including graphs and
    charts to give you a complete picture of your campaigns. We can train
       anyone in your firm to use our online portal and will have you up and
         running in no time.

How it works:

We developed our own state-of-the art software platform with proven processes that take the guess work and human error out of equation. Our contract services can capture your intake data from any call center; however, by using our own call center, your documents are delivered in real-time, saving you time, cost and effort.

We work on behalf of your firm, and we want you to have complete confidence we are engaging your client like you would. Our transparency clear, and our system allows you to track every step we take throughout the entire process. Contracts are printed in full color on top grade paper, with your branding front and center.

All data and information collected can be exported to your CRM, including all of your intake questions and signed documents. We also offer a complete API integration to allow your own custom software platform to track and receive data instantly. Having this level of data granularity allows you to easily analyze your campaigns and measure your ROI in one simple to use interface.

Getting your leads:

Upon receipt of your intake data:
  • Our system generates the contracts based on the data from the intake.
  • Your contracts are then generated and processed for shipping with
    the data we receive
  • When your contract is delivered to the client, we are notified and
    we start calling immediately
  • Signed documents are sent back to our contracting center for
    scanning and database storage
  • Original contracts are returned directly to your office
CACS Prepares your intake packet:

We work with your law firm to prepare a client intake
packet. Typically, the intake packet includes a Firm
Welcome letter, a Short form questionnaire,
your Client contract and HIPPA / HITECH

Contract Acquisition:

CACS agents treat your clients with the highest degree of respect and professionalism. We focus on obtaining signatures and receiving them back to our offices in a timely manner. Our system automatically completes as much contract data as possible to ensure your client can return the signed contract with ease.

Our dedicated contract processing agents are armed with an intelligent interface, allowing them access to all your relevant client contract data. This interface provides our agents the ability to walk the client through each item within the contract packet while speaking to the client on the phone.

  • We even provide pre-printed envelopes and schedule automated pickups to allow for easy returns.
  • Contract tracking services are instant and available 24/7 in your portal
  • Real-time data is provided throughout the entire process
  • Our team communicates with your client immediately after packet delivery.
  • Our advanced software helps us determine the best time to reach out to non-responsive clients. This process allows for fewer calls and higher signing rates.

Security and Compliance:

CACS takes security very seriously. We are HIPAA, PCI, FISMA and FedRAMP compliant as well as SSAE SOC 2 Type II Certified. We use high levels of encryption and policies that keep your client data safe. All contracts are stored in a secure facility, and Access to client data is limited to employees whose job functions require access. All our networks are accessed internally through private infrastructures and all our employees are vetted with background checks to assure the highest level of confidence in our workforce.