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About Us

Consumer Attorney Telemarketing Services (CATS) is a legal call center with 24/7 support solutions that fit your
firm’s inbound and outbound needs.

CATS streamlines your reception and intake processes by optimizing lead conversions and increasing
opened cases. With a 3-day quick start or a more complex multiple practice set-up, we scale
quickly and offer customizable call parameters that ensure an exceptional legal intake
experience. We treat every call as a valuable case, with empathy and focus.

Never miss a call again with our experienced English and Spanish speaking agents who are ready to engage
your clients with sophistication and prepared to identify potentialcase types with care in mind.

Why We Are the Leader

Every law firm needs a reliable and dedicated intake team with the capacity for aggressive scaled growth. We service solo practice
firms and large international firms all with the same dedication to providing world class service at prices that can’t be beat.

CATS agents are dedicated to the legal industry and undergo sophisticated, continual training to handle
your prospective clients with control, empathy, and updated case insights. Our agents
focus on establishing trust and a feeling of security with each call, and are given
specific tools to establish relationships with your callers. We address the intake
with clarity, sensitivity, and efficiency.


We provide an efficient response system, with a follow-up and feedback loop that smoothly integrates with your office and online network for a customized account experience. We consistently and professionally live answer your calls as a true working extension of your firm.

  • Simple onboarding process
  • Client provides intake scripts or choose from our vast library of templates
  • Customizable telephone, call routing, and messaging options with live transfer
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Web form call backs
  • Live chat lead call backs
  • Mass call backs to lead lists
  • Case management/CRM integration
  • After hours call transfer
  • Full API support


We have the largest legal call center in the country, with a professional staff and the technology to back it up.

  • We have over 300 English and Spanish speaking agents for any type of campaign
  • No more abandoned calls and the shortest hold times in the industry

Contracting Options

Conversion rates are the best measure of call quality, and we handle everything involved in making sure your calls ultimately become signed contracts.

  • Qualified calls are transferred to our contract processing division in real time for expedited signing
  • We schedule and track your contracts as they are sent to your client

Telephone Options

Every call is recorded and logged so you know the date, time, duration, and orginating phone number. With our user friendly online portal, you can easily check your call logs and recordings at any time.

  • Complete call history with unlimited recorded calls
  • Call routing, tracking, and recording
  • Information transfer in real time
  • Memorable toll free, vanity, and local phone numbers

Technology Security Support

Access your recordings and call log data through our secure client portal, which makes it easy to check
on the status of your cases. We provide 24/7 support and monitoring of all systems and data-related
infrastructure for the highest level of security possible.

Our Pricing

We designed our pricing in response to an overpriced industry so you only pay for the services you use with no minimums required. With the ability to scale quickly and fit your variable call volume, our solution boasts a savings of 30-40% when compared to our competitors.

• Flat set-up rate
• Pay-per-minute
• No minimums required
• Easy account adjustments with no hidden fees
Never miss a call again Superior quality assurance 99% lead capture rate

Our live agent services consistently outperform other live agent call centers.

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